Basis vectors' information for the selected iteration.

get_clBasVec(res, iter)

get_clBasVec_k(res, iter)

get_clBasVec_m(res, iter)

get_seqClLab(res, iter = NULL)



seqArchR result object.


Choose the iteration of seqArchR result to get from.


get_clBasVec A list with two elements `nBasisVectors` (integer) and `basisVectors` (matrix).

get_clBasVec_k The number of basis vectors (integer).

get_clBasVec_m The basis vectors' matrix with features along the rows of the matrix.

get_seqClLab A character vector denoting the cluster IDs for each sequence.


  • get_clBasVec_k: Get the number of basis vectors (clusters) at the selected iteration.

  • get_clBasVec_m: The basis vectors matrix at the selected iteration. Note that eatures along rows.

  • get_seqClLab: Get the cluster IDs for each sequence. Note that order of sequences here is as per the input.

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res <- readRDS(system.file("extdata", "example_seqArchRresult.rds",
         package = "seqArchR", mustWork = TRUE))

k <- get_clBasVec_k(res=res, iter=2)

bMat <- get_clBasVec_m(res=res, iter=2)

## cluster labels of sequences from final clustering
scLab <- get_seqClLab(res=res, iter=2)